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Intas is also one of the renowned leaders in animal healthcare companies in India, specializing in large animals and pet segments. Intas Animal Health is determined to make a difference in the prospects of animal health care by launching innovative products for the livestock, companion animals, equine, swine and poultry while also taking educational initiatives, and sponsoring programs that address current and emerging animal health needs.

Intas Animal Health is amongst the youngest players in the Indian Animal Health industry which is primarily dominated by organizations operating in the market for more than 30 years. Intas launched its Animal Health Business in 1997 and today enjoys tremendous goodwill among veterinarians across the country and is ranked No.1 in terms of initiatives for Veterinary profession. Intas operates with a focus on prime quality products, new technology, customer convenience and innovative packaging.

Intas Animal Health is recognized for its cutting-edge research and new product development. Through its well acknowledged Journal Polivet, World Veterinary Day Celebrations, Round Table Conferences and Animal Health Camps, it has build up strong partnerships with the animal healthcare providers and veterinary community. The Division has developed meaningful linkages between veterinary professionals, research institutes and industry, to serve the end customer.

Being the fastest growing Animal Health Company in India, today Intas ranks among the Top 10 Animal Health companies. It also enjoys the distinction of the fourth largest player in the livestock business segment.

Intas Animal Health has been growing much faster than the market and also has the distinction of being recognized globally for its initiatives. A testimony to this fact is winning the Animal Pharm Global Excellence Award in UK in the year 2007.

Intas Animal Health Domestic Business splits into two SBUs (Neovet & Bovicuraa) based on customers and market need verticals.

Neovet offers product mix of primarily scientific and prescription driven therapies based on disease of high occurrences and economic importance in Cattle segment. The key therapies of division are Anti-infectives (Parenteral & Oral), NSAIDs, Reproduction care, Injectable tonics and specialty products including Intra-mammary, Anti-haemoprotozoal drugs and High volume Parenteral Infusions.

Companion Animal healthcare product range is promoted by dedicated task force based in Metros and Tier-1 cities. The mainstream product range includes Anti-parasites, Skin Care, Anti-infectives, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals.

Bovicuraa offers Nutritional and Managemental product basket aimed to augment farm's productivity and profitability. The main therapies are Oral Nutritionals including Calcium, Multi-mineral, vitamin supplements, Fat and Energy boosters, Anthelmintics, Mastitis management and specialty products to enhance performance of dairy animals' Synbiotics, metabolic boosters and rumenotorics. The niche segment of Caprine & Ovine (Sheep &Goat) is also represented by regional task force based in high density markets like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

On the International front, operations have just taken off and European business was also kicked off in the year 2009. Intas Animal Health is also in the process of registering differentiated products in the developed markets of US and Canada and key semi-regulated and emerging markets.

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