Technical Support

HR Tech Support

Intas has been at the forefront of adapting new-age technologies to boost business expansion and growth. Over the years, we have underlined that ideology by enabling cutting edge technology to deliver better products and services, not only for our customers, but our employees as well. In 2022, with an aim to provide comprehensive access to our HR services, policies, and systems, we have developed an AI enabled HR Assistant built on BOT technology which is available 24*7. Our employees have lovingly named her AIMY!
Every day, AIMY provides seamless support to thousands of employees across the world, expediting daily HR operations and helping them focus on what they do best.

Intas Insights

Intas has continuously strived to deliver excellent customer service and better patient outcomes.

Intas Insight, is a technology driven medium to support our customer engagement initiatives and empower our customers to access relevant information on demand using BOT technology which is available 24*7